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Brody & Responsibility

Lucky1Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Brody and I want to tell you all about myself, because, as you know the world does revolve around ME! I think all little puppies think that, but that's ok. We get away with a lot because we are so cute.

The word of the day is RESPONSIBILITY. I picked that word because I have heard it tons of times from the big people in my house. I think it has something to do with why I am here instead of "there". Where is "there" you ask? It is the first place I went right after I left my mommy and sisters. I went to an apartment with a bunch of fun young girls who all wanted to play with me but I guess a puppy really isn't supposed to go potty on carpet so that seemed to make them wear sad faces. I LOVE to play too. I have tons of toys! In the first place I found some really yummy wood to chew on in one of the rooms, but that caused sad faces too. I didn't like the metal square thing they wanted me to sleep in overnight so I cried a little. Then sometimes when they went to school they put me in it again so I cried some more. It seemed as if all I was doing was making all the girls sad so one day my favorite one put me her car and took me to a different house. The people there looked familiar but I couldn't remember from where.

Now I live in that house and I have learned a TON! Puppies are NOT supposed to go potty on the carpet, or the floor, or inside the house at all. I have learned to jingle the round jingle things so the door will open so I can go potty outside. I am getting really good at it because I have to "go" like every 30 minutes. I like my box-crate thingy now because my mommy puts lots of toys inside and sometimes treats. I know it is just for naps and night-time because during the day I get to go where my mommy works. I have two older brothers now! They don't like me at all yet, but I am sure they will learn to love me once they get to know me. I did have to get some ouchy pokes one time when I went to work with mommy, but it only hurt for a second.

I guess I am a big RESPONSIBILITY (remember that's the word of the day), so just tell all your friends and family that when they decide to get a puppy or kitty. We can be expensive too. We eat a lot, have to get those ouchy shots, need yummy treats every month (mom says they are medicine, but I don't believe her). Someday mommy says I'm gonna get "fixed" too, but I don't even think I am broken. She says I will understand when I am more grown up. Ok, well I need a nap now after all this hard work. Good-bye!.